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Evaluation is Looming!!!

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In February of 2023, roughly 20 OTMS staff members participated in a month-long IB online workshop that covered roughly 30+ hours of independent learning facilitated by IB Facilitators around the world. As OTMS continues to grow and adjust with staffing, we want to ensure staff have access to IB learning in various ways, whether that be on-site coaching, on-site resources, or through IB-delivered learning in-person or virtual. 

The 2023-24 school year marks the fifth year that OTMS has been an IB school. With that comes "evaluation". This process is very similar to "authorization" where the school underwent three-days of on-site visits, interviews, and observations from IB site visitors who examined whether or not the school had met the expectations to become an IB school.

The evaluation visit will be in February of 2024, but there is a lot of preparation that goes into it, mostly just ensuring we have many of the pieces still in place and are revised. With the change in staff, change in standards for some contents, many have had to revise the work from five years ago to show how OTMS is meeting state standards, district expectations, and IB expectations. It's a heavy lift, but one that the staff believes is what is good for the school. IB has brought consistency in learning environments, consistency in language, consistency in how we follow-through on the policies that have been revised. In the post-Covid world, education and educators had to change so much in such a short time, and a lot was learned. From that, OTMS has continued to model IB practices, and continues to attempt to create and chase more goals as a result to get better every day. 

If interested in participating in the 2024 on-site visit with IB to share your experiences as a community member, or parent/guardian, or student, please reach out to Mrs. Meredith at